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The leader in irrigation sales and service

C. Sharkey Enterprises, Inc.

began operations in 1964.  Our company specializes in providing the design, installation and servicing of some of the most advanced lawn irrigation systems for the businesses and residents of the Delaware Valley.  We design, install and service. Headquartered in a state-of-the-art facility in Collingdale, PA, a team of 30 professional service and installation technicians service over 2,000 active customers.  To stay on top of the latest technological advancements, both management and staff regularly attend seminars and continuing education certification programs.  


C. Sharkey Enterprises is recognized as the leader in both sales and service in the irrigation industry in the Delaware Valley.  We have developed an expertise in the unique requirements involved in design, materials, and state-of–the-art equipment through its background and forty-two years of experience.   In addition to the core management team, the office support staff has personnel with ten to thirty years of experience, the residential/commercial construction team comprises of four crews whose foreman have ten to twenty years of experience and the maintenance team consists of ten technicians with five to thirty years of experience.


 C. Sharkey Enterprises Service department is the largest, most experienced and best trained in the region.  All service technicians start in construction and are selected based on aptitude for advancement.  Qualified technicians then serve one year as a trainee prior to working independently.  Technicians vary in experience from five to thirty years with the company.  Technicians are scheduled in specific territories ranging from two hundred to two hundred and fifty customers.  This enables them to become familiar with specific customer needs and for customers to know their technicians on a first name basis.  Two full time service dispatchers and a full time working field supervisor support the techs.   All techs can communicate with the office, each other or the field supervisor via apple iPhones.  The techs attend seminars, receive ongoing training and have the latest diagnostic tools.  


C. Sharkey Enterprises Construction department is the most experienced and best trained in the region.  The crews work out of fully stocked and equipped six passenger crew cab trucks.  Each crew has designated trenching/vibratory plow equipment.  In addition, for specialty projects there is a large trencher/backhoe, a large trencher/vibratory plow, mini-excavator, air compressor, pneumatic boring tools, compactors, drills, generators and various hand tools.  Foremen are selected based upon aptitude and their ability to complete projects on a timely basis while demonstrating a strong commitment to quality.  Foremen vary in experience from ten to twenty years with the company.  An assistant foreman and two skilled installers support each foreman.  A full time working field supervisor supports the foreman with logistics and planning, engineering and troubleshooting if necessary.  All foremen communicate with the office, each other or the field supervisor via apple iPhones.